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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I tag my clothes?  Click this link for details on how to tag your clothes.

  • How do I tag non-clothing items? Click this link to find out how to tag these items.

  • *NEW!* Is there a template for tags if I don't want to hand write them? Why YES! Try this link!

  • Where can I get wire hangers? Any dry cleaner will have wire hangers for FREE.  If you are a Simsbury resident, you can go to Battiston's in the Drake Hill Mall and get hangers.  Tell them Tracey Staehle has them saved for her All-4-Kids consignors.

  • How do I convert sizes?  Click this link to see a size chart.

  • How should I price my items? Click this link for suggestions on how to price your items for sale.

  • How do I print my barcoded labels? Click this link for detailed instructions.

  • Can I stick my barcodes directly to my items? NO! Barcodes must be stuck to either a white index card (if you don't want it back) or a colored index card (if you do want it back). 

  • What if my tag falls off? Items that lose their tag during the sale will be sold as donated items and sales will go to the Latimer Lane PTO.  We will be unable to credit you for untagged and lost items.

  • How many books can I sell? Each consignor can sell 50 books. Please do not BUNDLE books, unless you are selling a BOXED set. Boxed sets will be counted as ONE item.  Series books must be sold individually unless they are in a boxed set.

  • How do I bundle my books?  Only BOXED sets can be bundled. Series books that do not come in a box will not be counted as a boxed set and will be counted as individual books.

  • How do I organize my items for drop-offPlease sort clothes by gender and then size. Sort other items by category. Most consignors find it easiest to use plastic bins or laundry baskets to carry their items into the building. 

  • What if I just want to donate?  Click this link for information on how to donate your items.

  • How are items discounted on Saturday after 11am?  Items tagged with a WHITE index card MUST include a barcode that indicates the item will be marked for discount on Saturday at 11am. Cashiers will override incorrect barcodes on white tags during the half-price sale. If you are using a COLORED index card you have the option of discounting your item for the Saturday 11am discount sale when you create your barcodes. 

  • How do I mark my item for discount?  Click this link for our document on printing bar codes.

  • Where do I pick up my unsold color tagged and/or large items? Find out here.

  • I still have questions!  Who do I contact?  Please email Tracey Staehle at if you don't find the answers you're looking for here.  

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