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Pricing Tips

 1. Price clothing at 25-30% of the retail price.

If you paid $12 for a shirt, 25% of retail would be $3. Consider the quality (new w/ tags vs. slightly worn) and the brand of your items when pricing.

Pricing Tip: Price your items at a price you would be willing to pay for the item

& keep in mind that shoppers are looking for a bargain!


2. Minimum price per item is $1.00. Increases in $.50 increments.

If the value of a single item is less than $1, group similar items together – i.e. DVDs, coordinating tops & bottoms, smaller toys & action figures. This maximizes your sales!

3. We strongly recommend discounting your items for the

last day of the sale (50% OFF day).

Just check the appropriate box when creating your inventory.

Keep in mind...

The #1 reason for things not selling is the price is too high. Price them to sell.


(consider the condition of the item when deciding where in the suggested ranges to price):


Shirts & Shorts $2-6

Pants & Skirts $3-9

Dress-Casual $3-9

Dress-Formal $8-20

Jackets $4-15

Boots $2-10

Baby Gear

Strollers-Dbl. $20-50

Jog Stroller $25-75

Pack n Plays $15-50

Swings $10-35

Bassinets $15-50

Baby Gear

Exersaucers $15-30

Bouncers $10-25

High Chairs $15-40

Baby Mats $10-20

Car Seats $15-50

Boppy Pillows $8-15

Strollers-Single $20-50

Hot items can sell for up to 50% of the original price if they’re in great condition. 

Hot items may include Step 2, Little Tikes, VTech, LEGO, Fisher Price & Leap Frog brand products such as play kitchens, slides, ride-on toys, tool benches, learning toys, etc.

Discount store brands like Circo, Jumping Beans, Koala Kids, etc. are best sold as outfits & at bargain prices.

Shorts & shirt sets $2-$3.

Pants & shirt sets $2-$4.

Onesies are best sold in sets of 4 or more for $2-$5.

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