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Consignor Nitty Gritty!

Please be aware of the following important sale specifics:

  • The online format will be different for our consignors in several significant ways:

    • Consignors will use their MySaleManager website homepage to enter each item they would like to sell into our system. We will then export these listings to our online store. Consignors must complete these entries by 11:59 pm on Monday, April 3rd.

    • Each item entry must include one photo, or it will not be uploaded to our store.

    • Books may be bundled in groups based on series or a theme. Please limit bundles to a maximum of 4-5 books, unless they are a complete series.

    • Please do not group multiple clothing items together that were not originally purchased as a set (i.e. 4 t-shirts sold as one item). This presents challenges when reviewing and checking in items, as well as when verifying item counts for each order.

    • Wire hangers will only be needed for SOLD clothing items.

    • Consignors will only print out tags for SOLD items. Tags can be printed on standard 8.5x11 in. letter-size paper and will be automatically formatted by our Sale Manager program. Please ensure the tags are the SOLD tags, that include a shopper code (i.e. KIMB_1234).

    • Consignors should remove tags from previous sales before taking pictures of their items.

    • Consignors will sort SOLD items by customer number for drop off. Please do NOT group separate items together with rubber bands, twist ties, or bags even if they are for the same customer. This presents challenges at check-in and when verifying item counts for each order.

    • Consignors will go to the school to drop off SOLD ITEMS ONLY on Saturday, April 22nd in a contactless, drive-thru format. 

    • Shoppers will pick up purchases on Sunday, April 23rd in a contactless, drive-thru format.

    • Since we do not have volunteer opportunities for consignors, all consignors will receive 60% of their sales.

    • Consignor registration opens on Thursday, March 16th at 7am and closes Friday, March 31st. Registration will be limited to the first 75 consignors. Register early to ensure you get a spot!

    • Each consignor is charged a $10.00 registration fee that is paid at the time you register.

    • A minimum of 15 items is required to consign. You may consign up to 150 items. See what we accept here. Items must be in gently used or new condition.

    • All consignors must read through all of the guidance documents on the “sell” section of the website, including FAQs, to learn how to properly prepare items for our sale. Items must be gently used or new, clean, free of rips and stains, free of pet hair, free of odor, in working condition with all parts/pieces, as well as other criteria stated in the guidance documents. Items that do not meet our sale guidelines will not be accepted. Note to new consignors, our sale guidelines may differ from previous sales you have participated in, so please familiarize yourself with our guidelines.

    • 10 minute drop-off slots will be offered on Saturday, April 22nd between 9am and 12:30pm. When you register for the sale, please sign up for a drop off time as well by following this link. Additional dates and times for drop off can not be accommodated, so please confirm that you can commit to drop off sold items on April 22nd before you register for the sale. If not, please do not register. We hope you will be able to register for future sales!

    • Consignors who fail to drop off sold items on April 22nd will not be allowed to register for future sales.

    • We do not accept war games or toy weapons. 

    • Car seats and other infant equipment must be 5 years old or less. Here are some resources to learn more about recalls. or​. Consignors MUST check the dates of this type of equipment before selling them. Out of date equipment that is discovered at drop off will be returned to the seller and the sale of the item will be deducted from the seller's total sales. Please make every effort to check the dates on this type of equipment.

    • All proceeds from this sale will be used to support Latimer Lane School. 

    • While we use care in dealing with merchandise, Latimer Lane School or the PTO cannot be responsible for items that are damaged, lost, or stolen. 

    • For more information, please visit our website at, or email Kim Kiernan at

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